May 2020

3 months ago

It was a long time ago since the last match, to be precise in Qatar Open end of February, 3 months ago. I’m really looking forward to play some real matches and hopefully it won’t take to much longer. But for now my focus is on practicing, so here you got a video from today’s …

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I’ve been struggling for a while with pain in my elbow so today was rehab on the schedule. I got exercises from my physical coach Ole that hopefully will make it better soon. While I was in the gym I did some core training as well.

Back at the table

After two months I’m back at the table here in Düsseldorf. Here is a video from yesterday’s session with my coach Danny Heister ?

Kristian - ready for Corona test

Corona Test

Due to the fact that I came back to germany from Sweden this monday I had to go through a corona test 2 days ago in order to be allowed to go outside my home. Today the test came back negative! That means i will be allowed to start practicing here in Dusseldorf! We have …

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Last time in the Olympics

Tokyo 2021

As you probably already know, the Olympics is postponed due to concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. I was, like everybody else, looking forward to Tokyo this summer but everyone’s health is of course more important. The preparations for Tokyo 2021 has already begun and I’ll do my best to be as ready as I can …

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