My new website is ready!

Finally it’s ready for the world!

After having talked about it for years – it’s finally here!

After weeks and months of planning and execution we are now launching combined with new Social Media Channels such as a brand new Facebook Page and a hot Youtube Channel. Also – you will find all results and statistics from all tournaments and games – both from International and Club games, as well as Singles and Doubles.

In the Events Calendar you can catch up with Kristians next game or Tournament. We will also give you a heads-up for any live games from ITTF as well as information from TTBL (German Bundesliga) and especially Kristians club Borussia Düsseldorf.

We will of course also publish news and articles in the blog related to Kristians effort on the court as well in private life. If you’re a fan of Table Tennis you should definitely stay updated on what’s going on.

All the upcoming tournaments and cups are of course on hold at the moment due to the evil Covid-19. Lifes are of course more important than Table Tennis, so please stay safe, and let’s hope that we will meet up soon when life gets back to more normal conditions. The event calendar will be updated when more information comes from ITTF and other sources.